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Welcome to Seaside Medico-Legal Orthopedics, where we are dedicated to helping you receive expert medico-legal assessments and . Our experienced team specializes in Orthopedic assessments and reports for Orthopedic injury, providing you with the support you need during this challenging time.


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Seaside Orthopedic Medico-Legal

Dr. Wela is a highly experienced and internationally trained Orthopedic surgeon in the field for 17 years with a deep commitment to helping accident victims in South Africa. He leads our team, which is dedicated to ensuring that you receive expert Orthopedic assessments and reports from a medical professional.

Our Mission

At Seaside Orthopedic Medico-Legal, our mission is guided by three core principles: impartiality, objectivity, and independence. We are committed to upholding the highest standards of integrity and professionalism in all our services.

Our Drive

These principles drive every aspect of our practice, ensuring that our clients receive the most accurate and reliable assessments and reports for their medico-legal needs.

Choose Our Services

  • Independent Medical Examinations

    We conduct unbiased medical examinations to assess and evaluate the extent of injuries sustained in various orthopedic and trauma-related cases.

  • Independent Medical Assessments

    Our team provides independent medical assessments to ensure objectivity and accuracy in assessing medical conditions.

  • Injury Management Consultation

    We offer expert guidance and consultation on the management of injuries and trauma-related conditions.

  • Medical Negligence Examinations & Reports

    Our expert evaluations help determine whether medical negligence has occurred, and we provide detailed reports on the findings.

  • File Evaluation and Reviews

    We meticulously review medical files and documents to provide thorough evaluations and expert opinions.

  • Expert Witness Services

    Our Head Consultant Dr. Wella serves as a credible and impartial expert witness, offering testimony in legal proceedings to support cases.

  • Examination of Patients for Medico-Legal Reports

    We conduct comprehensive patient examinations to compile medico-legal reports with precision and accuracy.

  • Studying Clinical Notes, Imaging, and Others

    In order to provide informed opinions about orthopedic conditions, we meticulously study clinical notes, medical imaging, and other relevant documentation.

  • Orthopedic Assessment for Negligence Cases

    We assess patients to determine the merit of possible negligence in orthopedic cases, offering expert insights into the assessment process.

  • Interpretation of Health-Related Reports

    We interpret and provide expert opinions on health-related reports from various healthcare professionals, such as occupational therapists and physiotherapists.

  • Completion of RAF4 Forms

    We assist in completing RAF4 forms, ensuring that all required information is accurately and comprehensively provided.

  • Application of AMA Guides

    We apply the AMA Guides to evaluate permanent impairment, providing assessments that determine the whole person impairment accurately.

  • Preparation of Joint Minutes

    We prepare joint minutes for orthopedic medico-legal assessments for cases involving the Road Accident Fund (RAF), personal injury cases, and medical negligence claims.

Get To Know Our Head Medico-Legal Consultant

  • About Dr. WELA BGR:

    Dr. Wela BGR is a highly regarded orthopedic surgeon and medico-legal consultant at Seaside Orthopedic Medico-Legal. With a passion for helping individuals suffering from bone pain and injuries,

  • Education

    General Orthopedic Surgeon - University of Edinburgh Masters in Surgery; orthopedic and traumatology.

  • Experience:

    With over 17 years of experience in orthopedics, Dr. Wela BGR has successfully treated and supported numerous patients.

  • Philosophy:

    Dr. Wela BGR believes in a patient-centric approach, tailoring treatments and legal strategies to each individual's unique needs.

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